China 60 40 solder

China 60 40 Solder

Solder is used for joining electronic components and meanwhile functioning as electricity conductivity, or used to to join two pieces of metals together. In China and worldwide, the common sense is to divide the solder into two types: lead free solder and tin lead solder. Tin lead solder has long existence in the market for it's easy work-ability and low cost. And 63 37 solder and 60 40 solder are the two major alloys that being used in many applications.

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What is 60 40 solder?

A 60 40 solder means the solder alloy is made with 60% tin and 40% lead. This type of solder can be made into solder wire, solder bar, solder paste (also known as liquid solder), even solder ingots, solder balls etc to suit different types of applications. The most two commonly seen products in the market would be 60 40 solder wire and 60 40 solder bar. 


Basic information of 60 40 solder:

1. Products: 60 40 solder wire or 60 40 solder bar.

2. 60 40 solder bar is cast into pole / bar form, each piece about 400g.

3. 60 40 solder wire is made into many different specifications, wire diameter ranging from 0.2mm up to 3.2mm, and weight per roll from 50g per roll up to 1000g, and it comes in solid wire and rosin core wire as well.

4. Melting point: 183 to 190 degrees Celsius.


What are 60 40 solder used for:

1. 60 40 solder wire with rosin core is designed for soldering electronics.

2. 60 40 solder wire without flux, namely solid wire is used for soldering or electronics, soldering of stained glass, soldering of plumbing pipes etc. But proper external flux must be applied for all cases.

3. 60 40 solder bar is used for dip soldering, wave soldering of electronics, and used for soldering of copper roofing.


Where to buy 60 40 solder?

1. If you are looking to import by yourself, you can buy from us directly from China. We are manufacturer of 60 40 solder in China, and we are able to handle small quantity with delivery by courier or air, or bigger quantity to be sent by sea.

2. Or if you are not able to import by yourself and just want some small piece for DIY or repairing work, try to buy from Ebay or Aliexpress.


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