Solder Bar Manufacturer in China

Solder Bar Manufacturer in China


Where to find Solder Bar Manufacturer in China?

Most of the solder bar manufacturers are located in those cities that have lots of manufacturing of electrical home appliances or electronic products, such as in Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan etc. You will easily find solder bar manufacturer in these area because the solders are consumables for manufacturing of the above products, so it's kind of affiliate to the electrical and electronic product manufacturers.


How to find solder bar manufacturer in China?

1. Go through Internet, this is the easiest way and lowest cost to do so. Try google search and you can find some manufacturers of solder bar in China, but the short-coming is it's difficult for you to verify who is good and who is real. You can read the other article that I wrote about how to find a reliable manufacturer of Solder bar in China, click here.

2. Come to join domestic exhibitions in China. In this way you can directly meet the manufacturer and talk directly, much more efficient way. But short coming is it is costy because of air-tickets and accommodations are not cheap. We recommend you Canton fair, or you can find some electronic exhibitions in Hongkong.

3. Use a middle man who lives in China to do sourcing for you. This could also be a nice way, under the premise that you know some one that lives in China. You will just need to pay certain percentage of commission to these guys, and they help you to source the manufacturer, pay visit to them and can also help you to organize pre-shipment inspection and even export handling. There are many foreigners from different countries that now lives in China, they know about China well, so you can buy through help of such guys.


How does the solder bar manufacturer in China produce the bar solders?

1. Mixing of the solder alloys. The raw materials come in ingots, tin ingots & lead ingots, we need to firstly use the melting pot to melt down the lead ingots and then the tin ingots to get the composition that we need.

2. During the melting procedure of the solders, we also need to add necessary additives such as anti-oxidant etc and keep stirring the melting pot.

3. Last step is to use casting dies to shape the bar solders by pouring the melted alloys into, then cool them down to get the finished products.


Manufacturing of the bar solders are not that complex, as long as you keep using the right composition of tin & lead.


Who do you recommend as a solder bar manufacturer in China?

Please consider us XF Solder factory, we're dedicated in the manufacturing of solder bars in solder wire in China for years, and we're well recognized by our clients both in domestic and export market.


Contact our sales team at Email: or, Whatsapp or Wechat 008613450770997, if you need a to find a manufacturer of solder bar.

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