China Lead Free Solder Manufacturer

China Lead Free Solder Manufacturer

lead free solder 

In which area of China can we find the lead free solder manufacturer?

Lead free solder is a consumable product that is serving to the electronics and electrical industry, so we can find most of the China lead free solder manufacturers located near Shenzhen area (in Pearl River Delta). There are a lot of electronics made in Shenzhen, lighting made in Zhongshan, home appliances made in Foshan, Zhuhai etc, thus the solder manufacturer also majorly set up their factories here in order to better serve these customers, and for another reason is near Shenzhen & Guangzhou area it's very easy to arrange exportation.


What alloys does the lead free solder manufacturer produce?

Sn99.3Cu0.7 Lead Free Solder is most widely used for it's reasonable wetting property but budget cost. Melting point 227 degrees Celsius.

Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 Lead Free Solder contains small portion of silver, it increases the electrical conductivity but cost is slightly higher.

Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 Lead Free Solder, it contains high portion of silver. Wetting property and electrical conductivity are excellent but it's also twice price of SSn99.3Cu0.7.

Both above lead free solders can be cast into bar solder or wire solder, depending on applications. Bar solder are more used for dip soldering, wave soldering; wire solder is flexible for using of manual soldering and robot soldering.


Extra information of lead free solder comparing to tin lead solder:

1. Cost: lead free solder is on average more expensive than tin lead solder, for it contains higher tin and some alloys even contains silver.

2. Wetting property, on average wetting property of lead free solder is not as good as tin lead solder, that's why some solderer find it a bit more difficult to work on lead free solder.

3. Melting point. On average lead free solder has a bit higher melting point comparing to tin lead solder, about 20 degrees Celsius higher.


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