China Rosin Core Solder

China Rosin Core Solder

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What is Rosin Core Solder?

Rosin core solder is in particular referring to the wire solder that is made with a rosin flux core, in another word, the solder wire is pre-made with a rosin core in the solder manufacturer's mill. To use a solder, we must always use a proper flux as the solder can't "solder” properly without flux. The flux is to help the solder alloy to melt, flow and clean the soldering area in order to form a firm and bright solder bead. Rosin core solder as a pre-fluxed solder alloy is convenient and handy to use.


Are most solders in the market Rosin Core Solder?

Most wire solders available in the market (in hardware shops, supermarkets etc) are rosin core solder (pre fluxed).


What is the difference among rosin core solder, acid core solder?

Rosin core solder is with rosin based flux, rosin is neutral and non aggressive material that in most applications there's no need to clean the soldering area after soldering, and it's mostly to be used for electronic products manufacturing; While acid core solder is made with acid based flux, it's quite aggressive flux in order to clean the tarnish surface of soldering area, this type of product is majorly used to solder plumbing pipes (copper pipes) or sheet metals and a cleaning process is required after soldering to prevent the residue of flux from further corroding the solder joints. Mistakenly use one type to replace the other type would bring troubles during soldering. 


What alloy is the rosin core solder?

The rosin core solder can be made with tin lead alloy (commonly seen on 63 37 solder, 60 40 solder, 50 50 solder) and lead free solder (commonly seen on SAC305 solder, SACX0307 solder, SAC07 solder). Like us being as a manufacturer of rosin core solder in China, we have rich experience in manufacturing different alloys of rosin core solder.


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