Name:Solder Wire 63/37 (Sn63Pb37)
Product Name:Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37
Alloy:Tin Lead
Composition:Sn63Pb37 (63% Tin and 37% Lead)
Core 1:Rosin flux 2.2% or 1.1% & 3.3% optional
Core 2:Solid wire without flux
Wire Diameter:from 0.2mm up to 3.2mm
Application:Electronic Manufacturing, Sheet Metals Joinery etc
Country of Origin:China

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  • Solder Wire 63/37 (Sn63Pb37)

Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37

In XF Solder we manufacture and sell the Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37 type (known as soft solder alloy Sn63Pb37), it is a flux cored solder wire with tin of 63% and lead of 37% by weight, and the nominal percentage of rosin flux is 2.0%. The XF Solder wire 63/37 type is available in wire diameter from 0.5mm up to 3.0mm, it's suitable for both manual soldering or machine soldering. 

We accept both big orders and small orders. Big orders will be delivered by sea, small order will be delivered by courier service. Contact us, Whatsapp / Wechat: 008613450770997 ; Email: or , or fill in the Contact Form in the bottom of this page.

Features of Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37:

1. This Sn63Pb37 solder wire has eutectic temperature of all tin lead alloys. The melting point is 183℃, the lowest melting temperature among all the tin lead solder types. 

2. High electrical conductivity at the rate of about 16%.

3. Good wetting & liquidity properties.

4. Fast melting and easy soldering, the wire is already cored with rosin flux so no need to use extra flux. The flux is evenly and well distributed inside the wire.

5. No splashing and very little smoke release during soldering.

bright solder

Basic information of Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37

Weight per roll: 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 700g, 1000g or other weight made to order

Wire diameter: 0.2mm up to 3.2mm

Core: Rosin flux core 2.2% as standard or solid core without flux. Other type of flux available upon request.

solder wire diameter

Application of Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37

XF Solder 63/37 (Sn63Pb37)  type is ideal for electronic soldering, copper plate, semiconductor, hard disk drive, LCD, IC, SMT, PCB, Medical equipment, plumbing etc. Please be noted that all leaded solder wire should be not be used for soldering of portable water pipes. 

solder wire application

Packing of Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37:

1. The 63/37 solder wire (Sn63Pb37) is available in many wire diameter & with different sizes of spools. We have ranging from 100g/spool, 200g/spool to 500g/spool or even 1000g/spool for client's option.

2. Small size spool is generally packed at 20pcs/box (such as 100g/spool, 200g/spool). Big size spool is generally packed 10pcs/box (such as 500g/spool, 1000g/spool).

3. Boxes will eventually be put into cartons making it better protected from damage during transportation.

4. We have plastic pallets to load the boxes, suitable for folk-lift operation and make it easier for shipping.

5. We can help to do client's private labeling on the circular labels with additional cost. 

solder wire packing

wooden pallet of solder wire

Notices for using & storage of Tin Lead Solder Wire 63/37:

1. Solder iron tip temperatures are most commonly between 250-280°C  

2. Heat up the area of the components that need to be soldered first and afterwards heat the solder wire and join them together, don't apply the solder wire directly onto the soldering iron tip.

3. For more details contact our sales team for TDS & MSDS.

4. Storage: 63/37 solder wire (Sn63Pb37) must be stored in a dry , non-corrosive environment between 10°C-40°C. 

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