Name:Tin Lead Solder Wire
Product Type:Tin Lead Solder Wire
Composition:Tin, Lead, Flux
Percentage of Tin:from 12 to 63
Percentage of Lead:from 35 to 86
Percentage of Flux:2 percents as standard or customized
Wire Diameter:0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, up to 2.5mm
Application:Manual soldering
Place of Origin:China

  • Tin Lead Solder Wire

Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Wire

We manufacture and supply Tin Lead Solder Wire (also know as Leaded solder wire or Sn-Pb solder wire), and we have Tin / Lead at different composition as per client's request, it's the major type of solder before the Lead Free solder wire was invented.

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Tin Solder Wire

Tin Lead solder wire type of alloy:

 Alloy composition (wt.%)  Melting point (℃)
 Sn63 / Pb37
 Sn60 / Pb40
 Sn55 / Pb45
 Sn50 / Pb50
 Sn45 / Pb55
 Sn40 / Pb60
 Sn35 / Pb65
 Sn30 / Pb70
 Sn25 / Pb75
 Sn20 / Pb80
 Sn15 / Pb85
 Sn10 / Pb90
 Sn5 / Pb95

Features of XF Tin Lead Solder Wires: 

Good soldering effect
No splashing of rosin when soldering
Rosin is evenly distributed inside the wire

Surface of welding spot is smooth and bright

Lead time of Tin Lead solder wire: 

We keep some stock of the tin lead solder wires for quick delivery for small orders, for bigger order generally we produce as per order so it takes about 10 days to make. 

Shipping term: 

Small quantity order we recommend to ship it by courier (DHL, FEDEX, TNT and so on). For bigger order quantity it's more reasonable to ship by sea or by air. We are near Rongqi port / Guangzhou Port & Guangzhou Airport.


Our tin Lead solder wire is packaged on spools,10 spools of tin lead solder wire per box

Neutral packing or OEM packing is available

Packing of Solder Wires

Spectrum Analyzer:

Technical support to help customers to analyse their samples

Production Facilities of Tin Lead Solder wire:

Production of Solder Wire

There are so many kinds of solder wires, either leaded or lead free. For more knowledge of solders, you can refer to the very detailed lecture of Solder (click to be directed to that particular article) on Wikipedia, this will help you to understand what types of solders are available, and there you will also learn to know applications of different types of solders and then you can decide which type to best fit into your own requirement.

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