Name:Solder Wire 60/40 (Sn60Pb40)
Name:Tin Lead Solder Wire 60/40
Alloy:Tin Lead
Composition:Sn60Pb40 (60% Tin and 40% Lead)
Core:Rosin Flux 2.2% as standard, optional 1.1% or 3.3%
Core option:Solid Wire without flux
Wire Diameter:0.2mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, up to 3.2mm
Application 1:Electronics Soldering
Application 2:Copper Roofing Soldering
Application 3:Stained Glass Soldering
Country of Origin:China

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  • Solder Wire 60/40 (Sn60Pb40)

Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Wire 60/40

Tin Lead Solder Wire 60/40 is a leaded solder alloy composed of 60% tin & 40% lead (known as alloy Sn60Pb40 too), it's one of the major alloy in the tin soft solder family. XF Solder of solder wire alloy 60/40 is with a nominal 2.2% rosin flux as core, during using there's no need to use extra flux. As alternative, solid core wire is also available upon request. This alloy 60/40 has a melting point very close to the eutectic temperature. The 60/40 alloy solder wire is available in many different wire diameter ranging from 0.2mm to 3.2mm. 

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Features of Tin Lead Solder Wire 60/40

1.The melting point of soldering wire is 190℃, close to eutectic temperature.

2. Flows well and heats evenly, easy to use.

3. Sn60Pb40 Solder wire has good solder ability both in electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity

4. With the solder wire reel, soldering can be accomplished quickly.

solder joint

Basic information of Tin Lead Solder Wire 60/40

Weight per Roll: 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 700g, 1000g or other weight made to order

Wire diameter: from 0.2mm upto 3.2mm

Core: Rosin flux core 2.2% as standard or solid core without flux. Other type of flux available upon request.

solder wire diameter

Applications of Tin Lead Solder Wire 60/40

XF Solder 60/40 (Sn60Pb40) rosin core solder wire is designed for electrical manufacturing & repairs, such as radios, TVs, VCRs, stereos, wires, motors, circuit board and other electronics devices.

solder wire application

Packing of Tin Lead Solder Wire 60/40:

1. Weight per reel: 100g/reel, 200g/reel, 250g/reel, 500g/reel, 1000g/reel or others upon request.

2. For Sn60Pb40 solder wires, around 20pcs is packed into one box for 250g/reel, and 10pcs is packed into one box for 1000g/reel.

3. Boxes will be put into carton for better protection of the solder wire during shipping.

4. Printing and sticking of client's own circular labels are possible with additional cost.

solder wire packing

solder wire pallet

Storage & using of Solder wire 60/40

1. Make sure the 60/40 solders (Sn60Pb40) are stored in dry & non-corrosive place at a temperature between 10 to 40

2. Better used the solders within one year after purchase, as time goes by the surface of wire might becoming a bit dull

3. Read the MSDS of XF solders carefully before starting using the solders.

4. Wear proper protection equipment during soldering.


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