Solder wire with flux

Solder wire with flux

solder wire with flux

All solder has to be used with proper flux. No matter it's solder wire or solder bar, both has to be used with flux. The flux helps the solder to melt, activate and well flow, also helps to clean the joint area surface making to solder joint to be firm and bright. 


But make sure to double check the actual product when you doing the purchase. As solder wire can be made with flux cored, that means the solder wire is pre fluxed; It can be made into a solid wire, that means it doesn't contain any flux, thus if you buy this type of solder wire, make sure that you buy flux to be used together too.


In most cases, solder wire with flux would be most convenient choice, as users don't need to prepare flux in separate, it makes soldering easier and handy no matter for personal DIY project or for industrial application in factory. 


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