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Flux cored solder wire

Flux cored solder wire

 flux cored solder wire

The flux cored solder wire is a very handy product which greatly improve the convenience of using solder wire. It's necessary to apply flux together to be used with solder wire, so there could be two ways of handling this: either implant the flux into solder wire during the production of making solder wire (so called or flux cored solder wire), or solid core solder wire without pre-fluxed core and during soldering an external flux must be prepared to be used . For most cases, the flux cored solder wire would be the easiest choice.


There are 3 options of flux cored solder wire depending on the percentage of flux inside.

1. Standard is 2.0 to 2.2% of flux cored solder wire, this type of solder wire is suitable for most applications, it generates enough heat to melt down the solder and leaves limited amount of residue which requires no clean. That's the most commonly seen product in the market.

2. Little flux percentage at 1.1% flux cored solder wire. This type of solder wire keeps very little flux, it leaves residue at a very minimum level. But disadvantage is it would be quite difficult to use especially for green hand, because less heat is generated thus it requires the operator to be very skillful to operate this type of solder wire.

3. High flux percentage at 3.0% flux cored solder wire. This type of solder wire has high percentage of flux inside, it's suitable to be used for some application where the electrical component surface is more tarnished, or for some low tin high lead solder wire which has a higher melting point, a higher flux content will helps it to better melt.


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