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China wire solder 50/50

China wire solder 50/50

 China wire solder 50/50

We XF Solder produce different types of solder in China, and the two major products for export would be wire solder and bar solder. Wire solder means the solder is produced in wire form and then winded into a small roll (with a spool), while the bar solder means the solder is cast to be in a bar or stick form.


What is China wire solder 50/50?

Wire solder means it's in wire form, while 50/50 represents that it's a tin lead alloy and made out of 50% of tin and 50% of lead mixed together, and it's made in China.

How is the China wire solder 50/50 produced?

The basic processes of producing a wire solder 50/50 is like below:

Step 1: Melting of tin ingots and lead ingots with the right percentage, at 50% of each by weight. Adding necessary additives such as anti-oxidant etc.

Step 2: Cast the mixed solder raw material into a round bar.

Step 3: Using extruding machine to extrude the round bar into 10mm wire solder 50/50, with hollow core.

Step 4: Using drawing machine to draw the 10mm wire solder into the required wire diameter and during this process add the rosin flux into it.

Step 5: Wind the China wire solder 50/50 into roll form at required weight.

Step 6: Packing them into boxes.

Then we already get the China wire solder 50/50 prepared well for shipping.

Basic information of China wire solder 50/50:

1. Melting point: 183-214℃, working temperature 260 to 290℃.

2. The wire solder 50/50 can be made either with rosin flux core or just solid core, it's up to client's choice.

3. Weight per roll for China wire solder 50/50: 100g/roll, 200g/roll, 250g/roll, 500g/roll, 1000g/roll etc

4. Wire diameter: from 0.6mm to 3.2mm available 

5. The wire solder has good wetting property and excellent fluidity, and comparing to wire solder 63/37 it's about 15% cheaper in price.


If you need to buy this type of wire solder 50/50 from China, please contact our export team at Email: or , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613702432446, main website:



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