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Types of China solder wire

Types of China solder wire


To classify how many types of solder wire in China, there're several ways to classify or differentiate them, we will discuss about them one by one here:

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1. By classification of core of China solder wire

The solder wire can be made with a pre-embedded rosin flux core or a solid core (without flux inside). When you make order please make sure that you place the right specification to your manufacturer, as the rosin flux core is made into the wire during production. And it depends on your actual application which one to use. In most cases, a rosin flux cored China solder wire is best option for most applications especially end users because you don't bother to buy external flux in separate. But for some industrial manufacturing of mass production such as soldering by automatic soldering robots, then a China solder wire with solid core might be more proper, because sometimes a rosin flux cored solder wire will require cleaning after soldering so this is not feasible if we're using automatic soldering robots to do the soldering work. So choose the correct one.


2. By classification of lead containing of the China solder wire

China solder wire can be the tin lead solder wire which contains lead inside the wire and there are so many composition of the tin & lead, ranging from Sn63Pb37 to low tin type Sn5Pb95; And opposite to the leaded solder wire is the lead free solder wire, namely it's tin based solder but alloyed with other metals to replace the lead, majorly is tin & copper alloy, or tin & silver & copper alloy, such as SAC305, SAC0307, SACX07. Again, it's up to what applications you're using for. If for general applications which there's not restrictions of using lead, then both tin lead solder wire and lead free can be used, up to client's choice. But in some applications it requires all raw materials to be ROHS compliant then only lead free solder wire can be used. And there're two major different for the two types: first is tin lead alloy has lower melting point than lead free solder wire (Sn63Pb37 has eutectic melting point 183℃ but SAC205 has eutectic melting point 227℃); second is tin lead alloy is much cheaper than the lead free solder wire (Sn63Pb37 is around 18USD/kg but SAC305 is about 42USD/kg). Again, choose the most proper one for your application, not the most expensive one.


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