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BS solder wire in China

BS solder wire in China


There're so many brands of solder wire worldwide, some are very famous brand with decent quality and very high price, some are generic brands but quality are good too. Due to the market of solder is big and so much competition, so some ir-respectful manufacturer or dealer might cheat on quality in order to get orders, that causes chaos and panic to the market.


One story that we had with one client from India, he got in contact with us and sent us one roll of solder wire with Brand "BS Solder wire", asking us to check the quality. After we received the sample, we check packing, it looks not bad, and on the label it say Tin lead solder wire 60/40, which means that this solder wire is made of 60% tin and 40% of lead. We open the wrapping paper and found the BS solder wire doesn't look silvery and bright enough that a 60/40 solder wire should have. So eventually our QC use our composition Analyzer to check and found it's only consisted of 5% tin. This is very shocking, as generally in solder wire manufacturing in China we allow a 2% tolerance of the Tin, but in such a case of selling 5% tin solder wire as 60% tin like this BS solder wire is quite rare. We are not sure whose will to make a 5% tin to sell as 60%, the manufacturer or distributor, but this is not the right way of doing business. 


If a certain product is being sold at abnormally low price, we suggest that buyer should pay attention to it. We are willing to provide support to client, like this Indian client he sent to us the real sample, we can help you to check the actual composition of tin, then at least, if you still keep buying a 5% tin, you know it should be sold at a price of Sn5Pb95, but not at the price of solder wire 


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