solder manufacturing process

Solder manufacturing process


For most of the users they only have used the solder wires or solder bars, but they didn't see how the solder are manufactured. Here we will share with every one the solder manufacturing process so that people can have a chance how solders are made.


Solder manufacturing process in XF Solder factory:

Step 1: Melting and mixing of different metals. Depending on what types and what compositions you're going to make, we have to control the percentage of each metal in this step. For example, if we're making solder wires 63/37, then we will need to add 63% of tin ingots and 37% of lead ingots calculating by weight, well melt them and mix them, then we will cast them into a round bar, which is a semi finished product of solder.

solder manufacturing process 1

Step 2: Use the wire drawing machine to draw the round bar of solder raw material into 10mm diameter solder wire, and leave the core hollow to be stuffed with rosin flux.

solder manufacturing process 2

Step 3: Use wire drawing machine to further draw the solder wires into smaller diameter, and add the rosin flux core into the hollow core. This is an important step of the solder manufacturing process, as if the rosin flux is not well spread inside the core, it might lead to bad melting of solder wires during soldering. Eventually the wires will be drew to the required wire diameter.

solder manufacturing process 3

Step 4: Winding the solder wires into rolls. Solder wires can be winded into 100g, 200g, 500g, 1000g per roll etc.

solder manufacturing process 4

Step 5: Putting the circular labels printed with details of the solder wire on to the reel of solder.

solder manufacturing process 5

Step 6: Packing. Put the solder rolls into boxes.

solder manufacturing process 6


The above 6 steps are the solder manufacturing process. If you want to buy from a solder manufacturer from China, please consider us. Email: or , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997

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