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Solder wire 30/70 in China

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What is solder wire 30/70 in China?

Solder wire 30/70 represents that it's a tin / lead alloy solder wire which composed of 30% of tin by weight and 70% of lead by weight. It's also written as solder wire Sn30PB70. In the common sense of solder business, the number in forma of XX/XX always has the meaning that the first two number represents percentage of tin and the last two number represents the percentage of tin in the solder wire. This not just a way of expression in China for solder wire, but known worldwide.


Basic information about solder wire 30/70 in China:

1. The melting point of solder wire 30/70 is: 183-258℃, with a working temperature of around 300-320℃. 183℃ is the solidus temperature and 258℃ is the liquidus temperature. Such a melting temperature is considered as a mid-range temperature, so make sure that the components that you're going to solder will be compatible to this working temperature, otherwise it might lead to damage of the components.

2. Wire diameter available for solder wire 30/70 in China: we can produce from 0.6mm to 2.5mm wire diameter and in case special wire diameter besides these are required, please be free to consult us.

3. Weight of each roll: in China we can produce the solder wire 30/70 with either small roll or big roll. Small roll available in 100g, 200g, 250g etc, and big roll available such as 500g, 1000g or others made to size.

How to differentiate the percentage of the tin inside the solder wire 30/70 that is made in China?

1. The best and most accurate way is to use the testing equipment as as composition analyzer or spectrum analyzer to check. 

2. Visual inspection: the solder wire 30/70 has a mid percentage of tin inside, and in China we have the common sense that the higher the percentage of tin it is, the more bright the appearance of solder wire will be; in opposite, it will be more dull. The 30/70 solder wire has an appearance neither to bright nor too dull, so in case you get a solder wire with very dull look, most probably you have a tin percentage that is not true with 30% tin.


Consult our sales team if you need the solder wire 30/70, we're professional manufacturer of tin lead solder wire in China. Email: or, Whatsapp/ Wechat 008613450770997. 

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