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China solder wire no clean flux

China solder wire no clean flux

What is China solder wire no clean flux?

When we produce solder wire in China we actually have different options for the core, it can either be solid core (namely the whole wire is firm and solid without any flux inside) or can be flux cored (namely the solder wire is produced with a hollow core and stuffed with flux. While for the flux core it can be optional to be acid core or no clean flux core. The no clean flux core means the rosin based flux inside the solder wire that we produced in China, has very low and clear residue remain on the joint after soldering, it's non-corrosive so it's not necessary to use cleaning liquid to clean it, easy and simple of application.

Why using the China solder wire no clean flux?

As mentioned previously, firstly solder wire made with flux inside is easy to use and there's no need to apply any other flux before soldering and you can directly do the soldering; secondly the no clean flux type will not require any post cleaning after soldering.

It will up to your own applications and manufacturing technology to decide whether to use a no clean flux solder wire or a water-soluable solder wire. If you don't know which one is proper, consult your soldering machine provider or consultant, or contact our sales team for more details, Email: or , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, main website



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