Name:Lead Free Solder Bar
Product Type:Lead Free Solder Bar
Place of Origin:Foshan, China
Percentage of other metal:Ag, Cu as per client's request
Weigth:around 400g/PC, total 25kg/box (48PCS/box)
Application:Lead-free automatic wave soldering, applicable to mix substrate or the general wave soldering

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  • Lead Free Solder Bar

Product Description

Lead Free Solder Bar:

Our company provides Lead Free Solder Bar (RoHS compliant) with a variety of alloy composition for customer choice.


We accept both big orders and small orders. Big order will be delivered by sea, small order will be delivered by courier service.

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lead free solder bar

Basic Information of Lead Free Solder Bar:

Alloy composition (wt.%) Melting point Working point 
SAC305 Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 217-219  280-320
SAC300 Sn97Ag3.0 217-220 280-320
SAC0307 Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 217-225 280-320
SAC07 Sn99.3Cu0.7 227 280-320

Color: Silvery

Size: approximate 29.5 * 1.5 * 1CM

Features of Tin Lead Free Solder Bar:

1. Eutectic alloy.

2. Bridge-free and icicle-free soldering.

3. Smooth, bright, well-formed fillets, free of gross micro-cracks, irrespective of the cooling rate.

4. Good through-hole penetration.

5. Good topside fillet formation.

6. Dross rate equal or lower than tin-lead solder.

7. Does not require a nitrogen atmosphere.

8. Does not erode copper from holes, pads and tracks.

9. Low rate of copper leaching makes it easy to control the copper content of the solder bath.

10. Lower aggressiveness to stainless steel and other solder pot materials as compared to tin-silver-copper alloys.

11. Thermal fatigue resistance and creep strength better than tin-lead.

12. Slow, even growth of the intermetallic layer at the solder/substrate interface.

13. Also performs well in selective and dip soldering.

solder bar feature

Applications of Lead Free Solder Bar

1. Dip soldering or Wave soldering of electronic components such as PCBA, THT

2. Soldering of metals, such as copper roofing joinery

3. Assembly of stained glass, silver jewelry etc

4. Other generally tinning purpose.

lead free solder bar application


Solder bar is packaged with carton

Neutral packing or OEM packing is available

solder bar

solder bar pallet

Lead time: 

We have a lot of stock of Tin Lead Free Solder Bar, if order quantity is not very big, we can send the goods right after receive payment. If order quantity is big, then delivery time is 10days after deposit received.  

Shipping term: 

Small order of tin lead solder bar, will be sent by courier (DHL, FEDEX, TNT and so on). For bigger order quantity, we suggest to ship them by air or by sea. We are near Foshan, Rongqi Port / Guangzhou Port.

Production of Lead Free Solder Bar

Production of Solder Bar

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