Name:Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 SAC0307
Name:Lead Free Solder Paste
Alloy:Tin, Silver, Copper
Flux:No clean flux
Applications:Reflow soldering of electronics assembly
Country of Origin:China

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  • Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 SAC0307

Product Description

Lead Free Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 SAC0307:

Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 SAC0307 is a paste that is mixed with a no clean flux with lead free alloy powder Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7. It’s compliant with ROHS. 

Basic information of Lead Free Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 SAC0307:

Composition: Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7, consisted of 99% of tin, 0.3% of silver and 0.7% of copper.

Powder size: Type 3, 25 to 45 microns. Other sizes of powder available upon request.

Flux: No clean type (about 11.5%)

Melting Point: 217 to 226

Packing: Jar or Syringe.

Weight: 200g/jar, 500g/jar, 1000g/jar, 2000g/jar or other weight as per customers’ requirements.

Color & Appearance of Paste: Metallic grey paste form.

Lead free solder paste sn99ag0.3cu0.7 sac0307 

Applications of Lead Free Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 SAC0307:

Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 is mainly used for SMT (surface mount technology) of PCB assembly, BGA etc through stencil printing. It has similar solder joint appearance and performance to traditional leaded solder 63/37 but it can meet ROHS regulation. It’s extremely suitable for assembly of small IC or soldering projects that manual soldering by solder wire or wave soldering by solder bar can’t achieve. Lead free solder paste SAC0307 can be soldered either through hot air gun manual soldering or reflow oven.

lead free solder paste sac0307 reflow soldering 

Feature of Lead Free Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 SAC0307:

1. Good wetting property. Solder paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 is easy to melt & wet fast.

2. Adding silver in the solder paste making it leak tight and the electrical conductivity of solder joint is greatly improved. And silver content is only 0.3%, so its cost is much lower than lead free solder paste SAC305.

3. Copper inside solder paste SAC0307 enhances the wetting property of the solder & makes the solder joint more resistant to thermal circle fatigue.

4. No clean flux. The residue of Solder Paste SAC0307 after soldering is non corrosive and transparent, in most general applications there is no need to do cleaning.

5. Excellent tacking property & stable viscosity during the continuous printing process.

6. Lead free, compliant to ROHS & REACH. 

Using & Storage of Lead Free Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 SAC0307:

1. Store Lead Free Solder Paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 in refrigerator at temperature between 0 to 10 to keep the paste in stable quality.

2. Solder paste SAC0307 must be taken out of the refrigerator at least 3 to 6 hours prior to use, so that it has enough time to turn to room temperature with the environment, recommended ambient temperature to use the solder paste will be 20 to 25.

3. We recommend using out the solder paste Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 after the jar is open each time. Solder paste must be gently mixed for at least one minute after fresh jar is open. In case there’s still leftover paste, it must be tightly sealed and refrigerated when not in use. Before re-using, it’s a must to double check if the solder pastes hasn’t become separated or thicken to its usual state.

4. Read TDS of lead free solder paste SAC0307 before using.

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